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Lean back and get pampered!

Welcome to our Cuisine and Austrian Gemütlichkeit

Enjoy your stay with personalised and friendly service in a relaxed country atmosphere. Our team follows the traditionell style of cooking, based on local and fresh ingredients. We source as much as we can locally.

Have a seat at a nicely set table and relax!

Lunchtime: Thank you for your table booking: +43(0)4285/8181

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  • Essen Spare Ribs 01
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  • Essen Kaesespaetzle  2  03
  • Essen lasagne-rezepte
  • Essen Germknoedel  2  01

Burger freshly grilled

Essen - Burger - Kopie 01

Choose your favorite Burger and taste the delicious regional and homemade Beef, Ham and Cottage cheese. Topped with veggis and a delicous barbeque sauce, served in a original roll.

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