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Pflanzen Alm 39

Explore the early summer and see a rarity!

The home of Wulfenia is Afghanistan and the Himalaya. In 1779 a Jesuit Patres Franz Xaver von Wulfen has explored the flower at the Gartnerkofel in Carinthia. Natur protection! The flowering time depents on the lenght of winter periode. Between middle of June to middle of July.

Nassfeld Almkirchtag

Alm Sommer 160 01

03. August 2020 Traditional "Kirchtag" Nassfeld, celebrate with us our culture event with musik and dancing. Our delicious lunch, fresh cakes as well as a choice of different joghurts and shakes from our fresh milk are waiting for you at Tressdorfer Alm.

The first cheese this year!

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Experience and celebrate this special day with music and spcials of the diary on 27. July 2020.

Every summer, on the last sunday in July we take the first cheese out of the mature room. Gailtaler Alp cheese a original and hand made product from the raw alp milk.

Come and taste our delicious and regional dishes, a journey to the good taste!


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